Site History

The site was not deemed as suitable in the assessment stage of the recent creation of a local plan. Designated as site NLP081 during the “Call for Sites” exercise, it was deemed as not suitable to form part of the Local Plan in 2017

“Fail at Stage 2 based on an overall consideration using planning balance. The following issues have been identified: The site is not suitable for development; it lies within the Green Belt in a relatively small gap between Ampthill and Flitwick. The Green Belt is playing an important role in stopping the merging of Ampthill and Flitwick in this location. The site is within Grade 2 Agricultural land and provides valuable foraging for birds and mammals so buffering would be required at the ditch and hedge corridors. It is also adjacent to a sewage works which presents a significant constraint for residential development.”

The original “Call for Sites”list can be found here

The Map of the Sites can be found here

The site assessment results can be found here

National Planning Policy satisfied already

National planning policy requires all local authorities to identify a supply of specific deliverable sites to provide five years worth of new housing against their requirements.

Central Bedfordshire Council already believe that there are enough dwellings in Central Bedfordshire for the next Five years. This information can be found here