Here, we will display some personal observations from local residents and influencers with regards to Flitwick and its developments.

“I joined Flitwick Town Council as a Town Councillor in 2015. Having previously worked on some youth projects with the staff, I was struck at what a great asset the local Council is, and thought that to be a Town Councillor would be interesting and fulfilling. Now I believe that it is important, in fact vital, to make sure that we have enough affordable houses for our constituents. However, and that is a big “however”, I also believe that in order for our community to function and thrive, we need the infrastructure and facilities to cope with any proposed developments. When this development was discussed at the October meeting of Flitwick Town Council, I questioned the validity of the misleading literature that the proposed developers sent out to residents. I joined my fellow councillors in unanimously withdrawing any support for this development. You can read the minutes here.

I also attended the public meeting on the disgraceful lack of healthcare in our Town, and received applause on the night for my opinions. We MUST have improved facilities, and I believe that there should be an embargo in any development until those facilities are in place.

I have been against this development, and in fact any development in the Town until we have the infrastructure to support it. My opposition is there to see in public minutes. I will continue to campaign for better local facilities. I will continue to campaign to get Central Beds Council to spend the Millions of pounds in Section 106 money that it has received for the people of Flitwick.

So to summarise, I feel that the people of Flitwick are being let down if developments like this are to go through. We must fight for better facilities and infrastructure, to ensure that you and your children have good healthcare, A place in the excellent local schools, good protection from the local Police, and access to the Arts, Culture and entertainment that we need to develop. So lobby your local Councillors. Town Councillors are limited in their powers, but they will be discussing the plans next Thursday. Make your voices heard. Email our Ward councillors and ask that they demand better support for the people of Flitwick. With elections coming up in May, it is in their interests to listen to you. You can make a difference.”

Keith Badham – Former Flitwick Town Councillor, Resident and Business owner.